Car Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler

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Keep Your Eyes on the Road!!

Prevent Dangerous Distractions!!


Anyone who has ever sat in a car knows that there is no greater gravitational force than the one found in the little gap between the seat and the centre console. Everything slides down there as soon as you let down your guard: Snack, mobile telephones, coins, keys, a little hamster etc. You name it!


The solution is called Drop Stop! Close up the gap by attaching this to the seat belt holder, then you can drop things however you like and nothing will fall down; it will be nicely nestled in the Drop Stop. In order words, you suffer no more bent spines and spend no more time feeling around under the seat for your telephone, keys or French fries (if you are the type who eats in the car). It is first and foremost a matter of traffic safety. Many car accidents are caused by the driver not keeping his eye on the road.


Drop Stop fits all cars. And this is no crummy foam-rubber variety we are talking about. This is made from high-quality neoprene with a premium feel. This will make an old Saab seem like a Lexus!

How to use it :

  • Squeezes in place between the seat and the centre console - prevents things from falling down.

Product Specification :

  • Material: PU Leather
  • Size:46cmX7cm
  • Applicable Models: All
  • Function: Avoid small things falling below the seat
  • Color:Black,Brown,Beige,Gray.


Package Includes :

1 X Incredible Drop Stop Soft Car Leather Seat Gap Filler